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My name is Lauren Piek and I'm a music & vinyl enthusiast. I decided to start a blog where I listen to a record a day, and talk about it. I have an ever-growing record collection, and I want to share it with the world. Whether it's an artist's newest release, or a forgotten bootleg I found while digging at a record store, I want to listen to it, and I want you to read about it! Someday, after I save up enough money, I want to open my own record/coffee shop.

Prisoner of Rock ‘n’ Roll - Bruce Springsteen N/A


  1. Intro:
  2. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine
  3. Every Time You Walk Into the Room
  4. Then She Kissed Me
  5. Sha-La-La
  6. Rave On
  7. Summertime Blues
  8. Finale:
  9. Intro:
  10. I Fought the Law
  11. Who’ll Stop the Rain
  12. You Never Can Tell
  13. Mountain Love
  14. Trapped
  15. Finale:

Before I even begin, I have to say that Bruce Springsteen is my absolute favorite artist, so I might be a bit biased and start gushing about how awesome he is and how much I adore him. Anyway, nothing beats finding a good Bruce bootleg at a cheap cost, and that’s what happened today! I went to Bullseye Records in Milwaukee for the first time, and it was magical. The amount of bootlegs (not only Bruce, but Led Zeppelin, the Clash, Pearl Jam, too!) provided me with a challenge of not wiping out my whole bank account. I chose this one in particular for a few reasons.

Most of my Bruce bootlegs in my collection are (obviously) live versions of his studio work. This album, though, is all covers, mostly of rock ‘n’ roll from the 1950s and ’60s. I’m used to his usual “Detroit Medley,” but this one has one of my favorite songs, “I Fought the Law”. What I love about “I Fought the Law,” written by Sonny Curtis, is how many different bands have covered it, and they always seem to add their own flavor to it…the Clash, Dead Kennedys, Green Day, to name a few. Hearing Bruce play it with the E Street Band just makes me unreasonably happy. 

The other song that made me buy the album was the cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Who’ll Stop the Rain”. When I saw Bruce and boys play two years ago in Chicago, we were out on Wrigley Field in the middle of a downpour. Bruce came out solo, with an acoustic guitar, drenched in rain and sweat. He played “Who’ll Stop the Rain,” and I truly thought the Boss himself was going to control the weather that night. He didn’t stop the rain, but him and the band played their hearts out that night (along with Tom Morello and Eddie Vedder making guest appearances). Whenever I hear that song, I just think of that night. 

I also have to add, I love Bruce bootleg because I get to hear the banter between not only Bruce and the audience, but between him and the band. When I saw him, it was after Clarence Clemons died and his nephew Jake stepped in to play sax. I love being able to hear the Big Man and the Boss playing together and talking to each other on stage. This bootleg in particular is great if you want to hear Clarence, Bruce and Steve Van Zandt as they control the stage. If you can get your hands on this bootleg, it’s definitely worth the cost to hear the Boss!

Rush - Rush 1974


  1. Finding My Way
  2. Need Some Love
  3. Take A Friend
  4. Here Again
  5. What You’re Doing
  6. In the Mood
  7. Before And After
  8. Working Man

Due to the fact that it’s Alex Lifeson’s birthday today, I thought I would start out my blog posts with Rush’s first album. This is not only one of my favorite Rush albums, but probably one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s an interesting album for a few reasons. For one, John Rutsey is playing drums, not the legendary professor-behind-the-drum-kit, Neil Peart. The Canadian Holy Trinity hadn’t fully formed yet…when this album came out, Alex, John and Geddy Lee were just some young guys from Canada making some great rock music. When Neil joined the band, that’s really when they became the prog rock masterminds we know today. 

Geddy’s wailing vocals really shine on this record. In the band’s 2010 documentary, “Rush:Beyond the Lighted Stage,” it’s said that people thought this was a new album from Led Zeppelin. I think that comparison can be made especially with the track “Need Some Love”. If I had to pick a favorite song, it would be “What You’re Doing,” (track one, side two!)…Alex’s driving guitar riffs combined with Geddy’s vocals give me goosebumps.

I agree with what the back of the album says: for best results play at maximum volume. Enjoy!